Health Plans - Dental Plans

Our Areas of Expertise

What do we do?


Health and Dental

  • Source coverage for your company plan with major carriers in Canada
  • Offer a new, leading edge plan that provides unique guarantees
  • Uncontrolled prices increases are a thing of the past
  • More of your money stays in your plan to work for your company
  • At the end of the year, what is unspent in the plan is still yours for the new year
  • Refund of excess premium payment
  • Great, tax efficient options to reward employee loyalty, without adding cost to your plan


  • Life insurance and related products are often complex and need to be designed so they give you a best fit for your particular needs
  • No, we don’t “sell” insurance
  • The best price is not necessarily the right way, unless it also does the best job for you at the same time. That’s ‘best value’ and that’s what we look for.
  • Member of the Independent Financial Brokers, an association that believes in agents and advisors sourcing the best coverage for their clients regardless of the company it comes from
  • As an Advisor, we believe that Life Insurance has its place, but that place has to fit with your needs. Only buy it if you need it

Who are my clients?

Business Owners

Unhappy with their group plans – cost, service, features.
Or as simple as not knowing how to take advantage of their plan to ‘sell’ it to potential new employees and get full appreciation for it.

Insurance Clients

People who don’t know what insurance they have, if they have insurance, why they have insurance.
Clients simply don’t know if they have the best product for their needs.

  • Some are over-insured
  • Some just don’t want to be over-sold
  • Some don’t understand what they have
  • Some have the wrong product altogether