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What We Do

Architype Benefits is in the business of
making life simpler and more cost-effective for Business Owners


Our Approach

Providing solutions to your problems and maintaining those solutions so you don’t have to worry


Our Mission

Architype Benefits help business owners anywhere in BC

Features of the The Architype Benefits Health and Dental Plan

Architype Benefits Plans work better and cost less at the same time

Tax Advantages

Architype Benefits Health and Dental Plan

  • Specializes in the needs of business owners and business people
  • Licensed for insurance (Life, Critical Illness and Disability)
  • Licensed for Mutual Fund investment plans
  • Independent of any ties to particular suppliers, not under pressure to ‘sell’ any particular products
  • Operate from offices in Coquitlam, providing services throughout BC

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Architype Areas of Expertise

Corporate Health and Dental Plans
Life Insurance Planning